What is LearnPad?

LearnPad is a proven tablet solution available for immediate “out of the box” use in schools and classrooms. The Winner of multiple “Best of” Technology and Classroom Innovation awards in the UK, The LearnPad has exclusively teamed up with Educational Resources®  to align the affordable solution to the needs of classrooms all across the US.  
For limited time, each class set receives a FREE teacher LearnPad

LearnPad supports a wide range of curriculum resources, including tablet “apps”, websites and Flash based eLearning content.  Teachers and students have a number of very simple,  classroom controls so videos, music, and documents together with other digital content can be used in a safe, instructionally sound manner in  any classroom.  Perfect for schools piloting tablets by the classroom, across core teachers, or for the whole building. The operating system easily supports existing network resources and technologies, so you can use the content and files you already have in your school.

Safe, Secure & Customizable Interface

LearnPad has a unique, secure and customizable student user interface that allows you to control which activities, applications and websites a student can use.  There is also a secure web browser, which provides a full screen experience of websites and prevents students navigating elsewhere. The customizable interface allows you to create topic based themes, such as ‘Egyptians’ or ‘Creatures’, turning the device into a unique topic based learning tool.

Central Management

LearnPad has been designed with schools in mind and as such has a unique web based central management portal that allows teachers and network managers to manage and control multiple LearnPads in a school.  The portal allows you to create custom content profiles such as ‘Class 2B’ or topic based profiles such as ‘Dinosaurs’ or Space’. These profiles hold all of the applications and content for the LearnPads and once applied to a LearnPad, all of the content is downloaded and installed on the device automatically. 

Content Suite & Education Store

LearnPad comes complete with a range of pre-installed content designed to meet specific areas of the teaching curriculum, across Foundation & Primary, Secondary and Special Educational Needs. A range of additional content is available at our online content store, with many free applications and activities. LearnPad also supports existing eLearning content, including office documents, audio and video files, VLE content and, unlike the iPad, can run Flash-based resources and websites, from a range of well known publishers.

Application & Content Delivery

As well as centrally managing LearnPads, the portal has a custom designed content delivery system, allowing teachers or network managers to upload, store and automatically deliver new applications and content directly to individual or grouped LearnPads, all from one central location. Send your own documents, videos or flash content directly to LearnPad, safely and securely from a central portal. Managing and delivering content to multiple devices has never been so easy.

Educational Resources® has provided Instructional Technology Solutions since 1985.  Our school specialists support classroom productivity by supplying technology based solutions and tools that positively transform education.  ER®  is proud to introduce tablet solutions customized specifically for classroom instruction.

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